We host your game server!

Whether it's Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Factorio, Satisfactory, or any other game, your game server is in the best hands with us. With us, you rent your game server risk-free with the best possible performance. The symbiosis between high-quality gaming server hardware and our Game Panel creates the perfect experience for every game server administrator.

we Host

These are just our affordable game server selection.

More than just a tool

Our Fancy game server management tools are all free.


File Manager

Our file manager simplifies file management tasks like uploading, creating, downloading, setting


Backup Manager

Our dashboard enables file backups anytime, but has limited data capacity.


Email Client

When getting our email server, you'll receive our email client software for desktop email.


Schedule Manager

Our Schedule system enables timed power controls, backups, and tasks.


User Manager

Invite friends, or staff members to your dashboard. You can set certain permissions per member.


Database Manager

Generate MySQL databases and perform various other tasks.


Network Guarantee

Enjoy seamless connectivity and top-notch performance with our robust network.



Access your server via SSH and your files via SFTP over the internet.

More than just a tool

Our Fancy game server management tools are all free.


Built by web professionals
For, well, everyone.

Discover top-tier hosting solutions at Overtime Hosting, where we prioritize your online success. With unbeatable uptime, ample bandwidth, and generous storage space, we ensure your website remains consistently accessible and equipped to handle increased traffic.

Tailoring our services to your needs, we offer a range of control panels, from the user-friendly cPanel to the versatile Plesk and the straightforward Hestia. Coupled with exceptional customer support, Overtime Hosting is your choice for a hosting experience that seamlessly combines reliability, performance, and personalized service.

One-click wonders

Create websites, install apps like WordPress, manage files, all with a few clicks.

Server smarts

Choose web servers, customize PHP, set up databases - Hestia gives you control.

Security superhero

Firewalls, anti-spam, malware scans - keep your server safe and sound.

Automation is key

Schedule backups, updates, and more. Let Hestia handle the chores.

Always getting better

Regular updates and a friendly community keep Hestia ahead of the game.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaborate with ease! Grant different access levels to team members.